Hi, Art.

Art Campbell wrote:
> It doesn't give you an error message, it gives you a prompt asking if
> you want to convert the file you're opening to your newer version's
> file format. If you do, and if you save the file, then it works in
> your newer version the next time you open it. The conversion only
> needs to be done once.

Okay ... I will try again because I gave up the last time! :)



> On 4/5/07, Syed Zaeem Hosain <Syed.Hosain at aeris.net> wrote:
>> At 06:15 PM 4/4/2007, Art Campbell wrote:
>> > Look at C:\Program
>> > Files\Adobe\FrameMaker7.2\samples\MoreSamples\Books\Bkstyle5 for an
>> > example. Just set up the graphics and header text container on the
>> > master pages...
>> >
>> > If that directory isn't on your system, go to the Adobe FrameMaker
>> > downloads page and look for the template package. May be down with the
>> > old releases, like 5.5 or so. They're all worth downloading, but the
>> > sample is in Template pack #1, I think.
>> Hmmm ... I have, in the past, not been able to get those version 5.5
>> templates to work in recent versions of FrameMaker. When I run the
>> executable files, it gives me errors about the version of FrameMaker
>> that I am using!
>> So, how do I make them work for me? Is there another source for these
>> for recent versions of FrameMaker?

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