The thinking is that you only need registration marks for a 
pre-press PDF, and that hyperlinks and other features that
are enabled by the Generate Acrobat Data option are 
irrelevant for a PDF that will only be used to produce 
printed docs (unless you've got magic paper...). Pretty
logical, actually.

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Two things might help in the Print dialog box:

- You select the Registration Marks option you want from the drop-down

- Deselect Generate Acrobat Data. For whatever reason (I suspect someone
will fill us in), you can't get registration marks with that option

Hope this helps!

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I am working with a document that is a special size- 7.5x9 in.  The
publisher we use understandably needs registration marks on our pdf file
know where to trim the pages for publishing.  My problem is this- I have
figured out how to insert the registration marks when I convert to a pdf
using the save as>pdf method.  My boss, however, insists that I convert
book to a post script file and then distill to a pdf, which as far as I
tell removes the registration marks from the document- at least they
appear in the pdf.  I have been so frustrated for so long on this issue.
Does anybody know how to insert the registration marks on the Frame
before converting to a post script and still have them appear on the

 I have searched through several months of archives of this list and
found one thread on this topic that had advice that didn't work for me.
tips would be greatly appreciated.  Thanks.


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