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> I am working with a document that is a special size- 7.5x9 in.

> Does anybody know how to insert the registration marks on the Frame files
> before converting to a post script and still have them appear on the pdf?

As Linda said, make sure you turn on "Registration Marks: Western" when you
print. But I'm guessing you're already doing this.

You should also make sure that you're printing to a paper size large enough
to show your 7.5x9 page along with the registration marks. The trick is to
be able to select a paper size of at least 8.5x10 (an extra half inch all
around). Paper size choices are different for different printers. If you're
printing to the Adobe PDF printer instance, though, you can choose a custom
Postscript paper size. Or you could just print to letter size paper, and
you'll end up with a little extra vertical white space.

Kenneth Benson
Pegasus Type, Inc.

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