At 16:42 -0400 9/4/07, Molly Keegan wrote:

>Thanks for the tips.  They did work on a paper I authored in Frame that was
>a single document.  They did not work for the multi-document book I'm
>working on.  Is there perhaps a difference when adding registration marks to
>a book instead of a single file?  Am I going about this in the wrong way?

You are going about it the right way: what others have told you is correct. To 
get registration marks that are visible in a PDF, you must:

. Enable registration marks in the print dialog

. Disable 'Generate Acrobat data'

. 'Print' to a page size that is large enough to show the marks.

I do this all the time.

>Do others generate books as a single pdf or as a file with many pdfs
>included within it?

Depends on:

. What it's for

. How big it gets

Normally, for pre-press, which is what you are talking about, I'd do it as a 
single PDF for an entire book. However, sometimes these can get very large, and 
clients or print-shop request separate files.

There is no difference as far as registration marks are concerned as long as 
you print separate files by entering a '*' in the file name field of the print 
dialog. If you generate separate Ps files by printing each file separately, 
then the criteria listed above must of course be applied to each file.



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