At 14:10 -0400 30/3/07, Art Campbell wrote:

>It almost sounds like a display problem. Does it snap back into place
>when you do a Ctrl-L?

...and Fred wrote something similar.

Well, it's just happened again, and no, it's not the screen redraw bug. The 
misplaced rule survived a <ctrl>-L, and I had to reapply the para format to 
correct it.

>On 3/30/07, Steve Rickaby <srickaby at> wrote:
>>I wonder if anyone can help me with an inexplicable irritation.
>>I have a para format with an under-rule graphic taken off the reference page 
>>and applied with the Frame blow pgf feature in the Advanced pane of the para 
>>When the format is initially applied to the para, the rule appears correctly. 
>>Left to its own devices, however, (no, I don't know, maybe during book 
>>update), the rule suddenly appears about 18 points below where it should be, 
>>in fact in the middle of the next line below.
>>When I re-apply the format to the errant para, the rule snaps back to where 
>>it's supposed to be.
>>Any ideas?
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