Hi Natalie...

If you're working on binary FM files (not opening an XML file), it 
*should* open to the size, zoom, and position that it was last saved. If 
you have the document minimized and you do a "Save All Files" .. it'll 
reopen in a minimized state. Or possibly someone else has been working 
on these files, and they are getting saved in other states.

We have a plugin called RestoreWindows that lets you specify the size, 
position and zoom for new or opened document windows, as well as the 
state and position of the other catalogs, palettes, and windows. You can 
use the 30-day trial to give it a whirl.


This is most useful for XML files, but also alleviates the problem you 
describe in a multi-user environment.


Scott Prentice
Leximation, Inc.

Natalie Bircher wrote:
> Can I specify the size of the window that opens when I open a new file?
> Sometimes the window opens at 120% sometimes it opens as a rectangle, and
> other times it just opens the file and is minimized at the bottom of the
> screen. My objective is to have the window open at 83% so I can view the
> info without having to resize the windows.
> At times,  I wish I had a HUGE monitor to organize all the open files,
> structure box, tools, designer boxes,  etc. that I have to work with at one
> time. How do you all organize your workspace?
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