Ah,yes. It is not a new window, it is a saved doc. Strange that FM saves the
zoom level, I think. 

The time that the file opens minimized, is when I open a file from the book.

I may pass your suggestions on to the power$ that be to see if I could get
another monitor. I always hate to ask for things, but if it will help
productivity, then maybe it's okay.



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On Monday, April 16, 2007 12:05 PM, Natalie Bircher wrote:

| Can I specify the size of the window that opens when I open
| a new file? Sometimes the window opens at 120% sometimes it
| opens as a rectangle, and other times it just opens the file
| and is minimized at the bottom of the screen. My objective
| is to have the window open at 83% so I can view the info
| without having to resize the windows.
| At times, I wish I had a HUGE monitor to organize all the
| open files, structure box, tools, designer boxes, etc. that
| I have to work with at one time. How do you all organize
| your workspace?

That's very odd - I have never had Frame open a NEW document minimized,
or as an oddly shaped window. It opens at the zoom setting in effect
when the template was saved, and for the FM supplied ones that is 100%.

Are you really opening a new document window, or opening a document that
someone else had worked on? If the latter, Frame remembers the zoom
settings when saving a document. But I don't believe that it saves the
window size or minimized status.

As for organizing your workspace, big monitors are good but even better
is two decent sized ones. In my opinion, that is absolutely the way to
go. There have been a number of discussion in this forum over the years,
and no one has ever regretted moving to dual monitors that I recall. The
key is the video card(s)-get one with at least 256 MB RAM per monitor.
You can either use a "dual head" card that supports more than one
monitor (there are cards available that support three monitors) , or
have a separate video card installed in the system for each monitor.

In my office, all our Frame users (5) have dual displays, of at least
19" size.  User productivity paid for the expense in less than two
months.  I have twin 21" LCDs at 1600x1200 [each], driven by a NVIDIA
GeForce FX5500 w/ 512MB RAM, and absolutely love it.

- Lester 
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