Hi Natalie,

The zoom setting for a document gets saved with the document. You can also 
set the zoom for all of the files in a book, although you can only choose 
from several settings. If you have FrameScript, you could set all of the 
FrameMaker files on your hard drive to any zoom percent you want.

Instead of a huge monitor, you are probably better off with a two-monitor 
setup. I have 2 19-inch flat panel monitors. I use the right monitor for 
email, dialog boxes, etc., and use the left monitor for my main work area. 
In my opinion, even 2 17-inch monitors would be better than one big monitor.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

> Can I specify the size of the window that opens when I open a new file?
> Sometimes the window opens at 120% sometimes it opens as a rectangle, and
> other times it just opens the file and is minimized at the bottom of the
> screen. My objective is to have the window open at 83% so I can view the
> info without having to resize the windows.
> At times,  I wish I had a HUGE monitor to organize all the open files,
> structure box, tools, designer boxes,  etc. that I have to work with at 
> one
> time. How do you all organize your workspace?
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