> A company with a lot of modules (software or hardware) nowadays
> usually
> has a website where all the latest PDF files are available for
> download.

we do.

> But, wouldn't it be desirable to have all that information in HTML
> format: better navigation options, more efficient search, search


Why? When I post a manual for my product, content is one thing I'm
interested in. However, I'm also interested in having control over
what you see is what I sent. I don't want to take the chance that you
are going to look at my $250,000 software's 200 page configuration
manual in a browser I couldn't forsee and see something distorted. I
don't want to know that because of something I have no control over,
images don't show, show poorly, or appear somewhere I hadn't

>for many tasks, but printing.

You make that seem like a minor point. I want to know that when you
click the print button, you're going to get what I want...fonts and

I can give you wonderful navigation in PDF. Acrobat has wonderful
search facilities. HTML wouldn't buy me anything.

Besides...if I was to offer my manual in HTML, I'd have to include a
complete directory hierarchy and possibly hundreds of files, scripts,
images, etc.

We happen to offer alot of our background reference documentation in
HTML on the CD and installed when you install the product. However,
this is for material where presentation doesn't matter...you want a
command line syntax or the meaning of a term. However, where
presenatation matters, it stays PDF.

John Posada
Senior Technical Writer

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