Hi John,

I totally agree with your thoughts regrading presentation and I did not
want to disregard PDF.

But especially with a library full of documents, and a user base who
doesn't know in which document to look for a solution, I think it is
easier to built an HTML-based server-side search than forcing the user
to download all PDFs together with the Acrobat Catalog data for
acceptable full-text search.

When documents are distributed via CD/DVD this is not a issue.

Regarding CSS formatting: This might give you acceptable print quality
with additional logos a the top of each page, but e.g. no page numbers,
etc.  So my advice is to always offer PDF as an option, not only because
it is so simple to generate it using FrameMaker.

Thanks for the links so far, the Advanced Search of the IRS site are a
dream come true in terms of power.

- Michael

Am 18.04.2007 22:57, John Posada schrieb/wrote:
>> But, wouldn't it be desirable to have all that information in HTML
>> format: better navigation options, more efficient search, search
> no.

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