The company I recently started working for, Color Kinetics, has a "not
bad" delivery portal.

Disclaimer: Only a couple items here are mine. All typos, weird
wording, etc., originated elsewhere. ;- )

And on format: PDF is still classed as a "terminal format" in that
it's relatively hard to modify. HTML, by comparison, is pretty easy to
break if you don't happen to have the right mix of browser and add-ins


On 4/18/07, Michael M?ller-Hillebrand <info at> wrote:
> Folks,
> we all know the benefits of creating and publishing books using
> FrameMaker, especially since PDF creation is "mostly harmless". Also,
> FrameMaker documents are a good source for HTML conversion processes, if
>  one follows the structure or template.
> A company with a lot of modules (software or hardware) nowadays usually
> has a website where all the latest PDF files are available for download.
> But, wouldn't it be desirable to have all that information in HTML
> format: better navigation options, more efficient search, search across
> all modules. It seems to me HTML would be better for many tasks, but
> printing.
> Have you seen such a (public) documentation portal? I am looking around
> myself, but would be thankful for every link you can give me.
> Thanks a lot,
> - Michael

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