Hi all,

First, let me apologize if I am just being ignorant on my first request:
I would have searched the archives for this list, but I couldn't figure
out how to find them, or even *if* such archives exist. And I don't seem
to have any subscription info that would point me in that direction.
*Do* they in fact exist? 

Second, and the reason I was trying to search the archives: I want to
create a link in an HTML file that will go to a named destination in a
PDF file. I know it can be done, and I have been able to find out how to
do it to a particular page or to alter a PDF file to include named
destinations. BUT-

I want to be able to set it up in FrameMaker, so that when I distill the
PDF, the named destination is already there, and the link will work. I'm
sure one of the gurus on this list can tell me how to accomplish that. 

I did look in the FrameMaker documentation, but I couldn't find this
information there either. 

So, with apologies if I am unnecessarily cluttering the list on either
account, can anyone out there help me?

Chuck Beck

Sr. Technical Writer | Infor | Office: 614.523.7302 |
Charles.Beck at infor.com 

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