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If the [fairly imminent?] upcoming version of FrameMaker actually turns out to 
be FrameMaker 8 and not FrameMaker 7.2-and-a-bit, it seems likely that the 
developments will lean heavily in the direction of XML support, and this will 
further erode what differen[ce] currently exists.

About a month and a half ago at the WritersUA conference during my template 
session one of the Adobe staff mentioned the next release is a full release, 
not a dot release. Not sure if that was a slip or totally intentional, but it 
was nice to hear it. A lot of places are beginning to mention Frame 8 as 
something that Adobe is working on. It's been mentioned on numerous sites 
including Scott's Content Wrangler and others.

Looks like there will still be real options for users in the future when it 
comes to tool selection :)


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