On Jul 31, 2007, at 11:55 PM, Fred Ridder wrote:

> Alternative #5 is to leave the taskbar (its official name, BTW)
[Thanks for the correction. I had the feeling that I was not using  
the proper term.]

> unlocked
> at at its normal bottom of the window position, but to grab its top
> edge and "window-shade" it down to its minimum height (just a few
> pixels--only big enough to allow you to grab the edge again when you
> want to restore the taskbar) if you have dropped any FrameMaker
> window with its title bar concealed behind the taskbar. Then when
> you need the taskbar again, just grab its top edge and window-shade
> it back to the desired height (1-row, 2-row, whatever). Takes almost
> no time and minimal effort.

I might give this a try if I get tired of the taskbar being at the  
top of the window. However, it involves more use of the mouse - which  
I try to minimize.
I would still welcome some clever person coming up with a "force to  
center" option in FM. On the other hand, once one knows of the  
workarounds, the cruddy implementation of taskbar behavior in XP is  
no big deal.

will white

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