Alternative #5 is to leave the taskbar (its official name, BTW) unlocked
at at its normal bottom of the window position, but to grab its top
edge and "window-shade" it down to its minimum height (just a few
pixels--only big enough to allow you to grab the edge again when you
want to restore the taskbar) if you have dropped any FrameMaker
window with its title bar concealed behind the taskbar. Then when
you need the taskbar again, just grab its top edge and window-shade
it back to the desired height (1-row, 2-row, whatever). Takes almost
no time and minimal effort.

-Fred Ridder

>From: Whites <whitefamily at>
>To: Dennis Davideit <davideit at>, framers at
>Subject: RE: Special > Marker dialog box has disappeared
>Date: Tue, 31 Jul 2007 21:09:23 -0700
>Hi Dennis -
>I've followed this with interest because I am plagued with the same  issue 
>(and so are others I work with). It's not a problem with FM,  it's a 
>bug/flaw in the Windows desktop - at least in XP.
>Let's assume you work with the Windows toolbar (or tray, or whatever  you 
>call it) at the bottom of the screen and you have it set to  "Always in 
>If you grab a window/dialog/whatever by the strip above the title bar  and 
>drag it to the very bottom of the screen, you still have control  of it 
>even when the top of the window is behind the toolbar. When you  drop it, 
>the window/dialog/whatever is hidden behind the toolbar and  is 
>irretrievable except by the alt + space, m trick. This is a bug in  the 
>Windows desktop design.  Rather than fix it by not allowing you  to drag 
>the top of a window completely behind the toolbar, MS offers  a couple of 
>options - (1) Autohide tool bar - (extremely annoying,  IMHO), (2) keep 
>toolbar in back (better, but then you hide the  toolbar with your document 
>rather than the other way around), (3)  move the toolbar to one of the 
>sides (not so good since I usually  want to preserve as much screen width 
>as possible, or (4) put toolbar  at top (I've just recently started doing 
>this). In the last case, you  can still move the very top of your 
>document/window/dialog/whatever  behind the toolbar, but it's obviously not 
>hidden when you drop it -  just not grabbable. Time for alt + space, m.
>If you have every used a Mac with OS-X, you'll note that the toolbar  has a 
>transparency setting, so you can tell if anything is lurking  behind the 
>toolbar. Moveover, MacOS will _not_ allow you to drag and  drop the top of 
>your document behind the toolbar. As soon as you drop  it, the OS-X 
>repositions the top of the doc just above the toolbar.  Problem solved.  
>Now if we could just get Adobe to support FM on OS-X.
>Don't know how this problem is dealt with on Vista - I'll check it  out in 
>about 5 years.
>Will White
>(writing from home on a Mac)
>There is something fascinating about science.
>One gets such wholesale returns of conjecture
>out of such a trifling investment of fact. - Twain
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