Not a particularly pretty task, no matter how you slice it, Rick. I'm
not aware of a plug-in, but absent a better method, here's what I'd
probably do -- with the assumption that reformatting is inevitable in
any case, that you're working with text, and that any graphical elements
to the slides you'll deal with separately.

1. Save the Frame file to RTF.
2. Open the RTF in Word and clean it up as desired.
2a. Assuming you're comfortable with Word's heading levels, get your
slides-to-be in outline format using Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 heads
at your desired level of terseness.
3. Use Word's Send to PowerPoint feature.
4. Open PowerPoint, perform final cleanup, apply desired design
5. Add any desired graphics.


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Hi Framers,

I am looking for a utility or plugin for converting FrameMaker documents
to PowerPoint slides.

A related question: Office 2007 is supposed to be more XML-aware. Is
this the case with PowerPoint 2007? Perhaps there is a way to convert FM
files to PowerPoint via XML. Thanks in advance for any help.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing


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