Do you need all of the bells and whistles in PowerPoint? If not, just
use FrameMaker and PDF. Use disconnected pages with three workflows -
one for the slide material, one below that for viewer notes, and one
below that for presentation notes. Generate a PDF of all three workflows
for the presentation notes. Crop the bottom workflow out leaving just
the two top workflows and save that PDF as the viewer notes. Crop both
of the bottom workflows out and save that PDF as the presentation. Run
the presentation PDF in full screen mode. Your situation will determine
if you can live without the PowerPoint bells and whistles, but if you
can, it saves tons of time. If you can't....well good luck! 

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Hi Framers,

I am looking for a utility or plugin for converting FrameMaker documents
to PowerPoint slides.

A related question: Office 2007 is supposed to be more XML-aware. Is
this the case with PowerPoint 2007? Perhaps there is a way to convert FM
files to PowerPoint via XML. Thanks in advance for any help.

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing


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