Without reading the 8 EULA, which I don't have access to, yes,
probably it's not legal.
Why not just follow the KISS principle and get three 7.2 packages off
the shelf of a retailer who has left-overs and then see if Adobe will
follow it's usual procedure of giving an upgrade to the current
release if the product was purchased in the release time frame?
Adds up to the same amount of money, but you get everyone on 7.2 and
then upgrade together.


On 8/5/07, Sharon Burton <sharon at anthrobytes.com> wrote:
> My employer wants to know if this is legal:
> We are adding 3 writers. We currently all run Frame 7.2. We will be ordering
> Frame 8 for the new writers, with the intention of later this year,
> upgrading all 10 of the other writers to Frame 8. In the interim, we don't
> want some writers in 7.2 and some on 8. We are also about to release a major
> set of products and don't want to upgrade the docs people midstream. We all
> know the bad things that can happen of we do that this close to product
> releases.
> Can we buy the 3 copies of 8 and then let the 3 writers use 7.2? We will be
> violating our license agreement?
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