Thank you, Dov. I'll do that. I was hoping someone might have just contacted
Adobe with this same issue and knew.


Sharon Burton
CEO, Anthrobytes Consulting

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My advice, for what it is worth, is to contact Adobe Customer
Support ASAP instead of relying on the guesses of those on the
list as to what might be legal, what Adobe might allow, etc.
Explain your situation and see whether they might be able to
make some reasonable accommodation for you, especially if you
are on some volume purchase plan. If necessary, ask for a

        - Dov

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> Because of how my employer purchases software, we can't buy from
someone who
> isn't Adobe when we buy Adobe software. It's a very frustrating
> process.
> We were hoping if we purchase 8, then it would sort of cover us on the
> use of the 7.2 seats in a retroactive way. We would have, in fact,
> seats of Frame, we just wouldn't use the 8 copies until we can bring
> entire group forward at the same time.
> I can't figure out from the EULA if this is legal or not.
> sharon
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