Without seeing one of these PDF files that cause "problems" it
would be very difficult to know what is really going on. For what
it is worth, some of the current "clone" PDF readers (including the
Mac previewer) have problems with perfectly valid PDF files from
Acrobat (or exported from InDesign and Illustrator). So ...
I suspect you are doing about the best you can by urging users
to newer versions of Reader. Note that if I was saving PDF files
for the general public and I didn't have need for features such
as JPEG 2000 compression and some of more sophisticated internal
compression of objects in PDF 1.5 (Acrobat 6), I would save to
Acrobat 5 compatibility.

        - Dov

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> From: Diane Gaskill [mailto:dgcaller at earthlink.net]
> Sent: Sunday, August 05, 2007 4:21 PM
> Dov,
> Amazing.  You described the exact problem we are concerned about at my
> company (and why I left Acrobat 5 on my system).  We are using Acrobat
7 but
> set the compatibility to Acrobat 6 in case some of our users are using
> older version.  But even so, we are getting some complaints from the
> that they can't open the PDF files.  After much discussion about
setting the
> compatibility back to Acrobrat 4, we decided instead to put a note on
> web page telling them to upgrade their copy of Reader if they are
> trouble opening the files.  We included the link to the Adobe download
> to encourage them to do it.  This is much better than conpromising the
> quality of the manuals because a few people have not updated their
> The puzzling part of the problem was that I was able to open the files
on a
> system that has only Acrobat 5 installed.  I got a warning message
> that some features might not be displayed correctly but the file did
> The support guys at my company could not open the files at all.  If
you have
> any ideas on what the problem might be, I'd appreciate it.  Is there a
> difference between how Acrobat looks at a PDF file (for reading) than
> does?
> Thanks,
> Diane  (cleaning system now)

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