We used Documentum for a number of years at two previous incarnations of
my company. 

As a matter of fact, when we were looking at Content Management Systems
(back in 2000), the Documentation Department was one of the majot
internal customers and ability to handle Frame docs and books
intelligently was an absolutely nrcessity. That filter also helped to
reduce the number of CMS candidates voery considerably. We eventually
chose Documentum for its many robust features but also because of its
Framelink integration. FrameLink was a plugin for Frame, made by
DataLogics, a third-party software company in Chicago (which started
life as a FrameMaker subsidiary). FrameLink mostly worked very well, but
because it tried to such a perfect emulation on both side of its
interface, it occasionally tripped over itself. Eventually, though, it
became very solid.

However, about two years ago (at about the time Documentum went through
a very major upgrade), DataLogic quietly decided to discontinue support
for FrameLink. Apparently, the decision was made easier for them when
they contemplated the extensive development they would have to put into
the product to have it be compatible with the new incarnation of
Documentum. There were subsequent talks with Adobe and Documentum re
taking it over (I talked to people in both companies, including R.J.
Jacques at Documentum), but as far as I know, they never went anywhere. 

That discontinuance alone was enough to force our documentation people
off Documentum. Since then, we have been uncomfortably living with
having our docs on plain old file servers.  In the meantime, other CMS
companies have come along, with systems geared especially for doc depts.
Several of them have (Structured) Frame/XML interfaces. One of them,
SiberLogic, has expressed strong interest in expanding the capability of
its Frame plugin to also handle unstructured Frame docs. They say that
most of the underlying code is already in place and it would be a prerry
straightforward effort. If/when we get the money and the go ahead, we
will probably acquire one of those XML-based documentation systems. 

I hope that this helps.

Micheal O'Laoghaire
KBS Documentation
Comverse Inc.
Cambridge, MA.

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The Documentum documentation is pretty good, and I think they offer an
end user guide that covers all the fundamentals as well as the basics of
document management.

Working with FrameMaker and DCTM is another thing altogether. There was
an add-on application that helped but not sure if it's still in
production (and can't recall the name at the moment either).



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My company just purchased documentum (in conjunction with another
program) and I am trying to find a quick and dirty way for us to get
acclimated. Does anyone know of a good beginner's course or a
"documentum for dummies" book that they can recommend?

  Thank you
  Courtney Collins

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