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If you don't want to mess with character codes, set your desired bullet
font as a character tag (for example, Dingbats, Wingdings) and use the
character tag in the Automnumber field. This way you can merely use the
letter that corresponds with the character in the bullet font that you
want. For example, the letter 'N' equates with the large square in Zapf

You can also use this method to set a different font size for the bullet
if you wish, although you may get baseline alignment problems. There is
a MIF hack for this which I forget but which has been documented here

Shmuel Wolfson

Brenda Waltermeyer wrote:
> Using Windows XP, FrameMaker 7.2
> I am trying to add a graphic or a square bullet in front of all my headings.
>     Example: 
>         ? 1.1 Heading 1
> Is there a way to do this in FrameMaker. I placed the square box on my
> references page and then tried to put it on my numbering line in the
> paragraph tag. I can??t use the Character tag on the Numbering screen because
> I use something else there for my headings. Any help would be greatly
> appreciated. 
> Thanks
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