Are you working in structured or unstructured files?  You don't say.....

If structured, you can define a prefix in the EDD that appears before
the autonumber, for each heading element  (if you have level rules, you
may only have one to worry about).  Apply appropriate format rules to
this for the various heading elements.

If unstructured, to my knowledge you can't do this without defining a
new paragraph tag for the square bullet.  Apply the appropriate info in
the numbering properties (desired character as the numbering string, and
character format for dingbats).  Then, in the pagination properties set
it to run into the following paragraph and no punctuation - use a hard
space only.  (you probably also should make the basic property "next
paragraph" tag be some heading level tag).

You will have to insert a copy of this new paragraph (with no text
entered) before each heading that you wish to display the square bullet.

On Thursday, August 09, 2007 08:35 AM, Brenda Waltermeyer wrote:

| Using Windows XP, FrameMaker 7.2
| I am trying to add a graphic or a square bullet in front of all my
|     Example:
|         ? 1.1 Heading 1
| Is there a way to do this in FrameMaker. I placed the square box on my
| references page and then tried to put it on my numbering line in the
| paragraph tag. I can't use the Character tag on the Numbering screen
| because I use something else there for my headings. Any help would
| be greatly appreciated.
| Thanks
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