That is exactly what it does (rubbish). I need it to be included in the
numbering string not as a character style. I already have a character style
called ZHeadNum in the Character Format under Numbering tab in the Paragraph
designer. I need to include it some where for my Heading numbers. Any
thoughts would be appreciated.

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> From: Steve Rickaby <srickaby at>
> Date: Thu, 9 Aug 2007 15:37:04 +0100
> To: Shmuel Wolfson <sbw at>, Brenda Waltermeyer
> <Brenda.Waltermeyer at>, framers <framers at>
> Subject: Re: Heading with autonumber and square bullet
> At 17:14 +0200 9/8/07, Shmuel Wolfson wrote:
>> If you don't want to mess with character codes, set your desired bullet
>> font as a character tag (for example, Dingbats, Wingdings) and use the
>> character tag in the Automnumber field. This way you can merely use the
>> letter that corresponds with the character in the bullet font that you
>> want. For example, the letter 'N' equates with the large square in Zapf
>> Dingbats.
> Won't that set the autonumber in Dingbats too, producing rubbish?
> -- 
> Steve

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