Not a problem with XP Home specifically, but rather with the supplier
installer routine - I had the same issues with XP Pro.  It appears that
the virtual memory check in the installer interprets large values of
free disk space/VM as Negative values. 

Another work-around is to temporarily set the VM down to a small figure
(like 256 MB) and then the autorun installer will happily proceed
'normally'  Don't forget to reset the value back to your standard
setting.  Note that this requires a reboot after changing the value, so
just running setup.exe directly is both easier and quicker, but this is
another option.

On  Wednesday, August 22, 2007 09:54 AM, Rick Quatro wrote:

| Hi Ragnar,
| Try skipping the autorun installer and navigate to the FrameMaker
| folder on the CD. See if you can run the Setup.exe directly from
| there.
| Rick Quatro
| Carmen Publishing
| 585-659-8267
| Hello,
| I have been using XP Pro and FM6 without problems after applying
| the patches from Adobe. Now a friend of me is trying to install
| FM6 on a new laptop with XP Home but gets the error message
| "This program requires at least 3MB of free virtual memory to run"
| as soon as she tries to run the installation CD.
| She has been told that this is a known problem with XP home 
| and FM6. Any ideas?
| Thanks,
| Ragnar Hanas, MD
| Uddevalla Hospital, Sweden

- Lester 
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