Lester C. Smalley wrote:
> Not a problem with XP Home specifically, but rather with the supplier
> installer routine - I had the same issues with XP Pro.  It appears that
> the virtual memory check in the installer interprets large values of
> free disk space/VM as Negative values. 

Yes. Over 2 GB available memory (this is common in today's machines
given real and virtual memory usage) probably gets interpreted as a
negative number! A typical old problem with using a signed 32 bit
integer to hold this value ... people know better nowadays.

> Another work-around is to temporarily set the VM down to a small figure
> (like 256 MB)

If you have 2 GB of real RAM installed (not common yet ... but will
be soon!) then even this approach is not enough. You may have to remove
some RAM to get this old version to install (if the other workaround
mentioned does not work).

People need to bite the bullet and upgrade to later versions of FM.
I suspect low cost 7.2 upgrades will become available soon enough.
And, yes, I can appreciate that some people might have difficulty
with justifying even that price, I suppose, but if you can afford
to add 2 GB of RAM, then ... :) The "new laptop" mentioned below
probably has a lot of main memory and probably cost a bundle! :)


> On  Wednesday, August 22, 2007 09:54 AM, Rick Quatro wrote:
> | Hi Ragnar,
> | 
> | Try skipping the autorun installer and navigate to the FrameMaker
> | folder on the CD. See if you can run the Setup.exe directly from
> | there.
> | 
> | Rick Quatro
> | Carmen Publishing
> | 585-659-8267
> | www.frameexpert.com
> | 
> | 
> | Hello,
> | I have been using XP Pro and FM6 without problems after applying
> | the patches from Adobe. Now a friend of me is trying to install
> | FM6 on a new laptop with XP Home but gets the error message
> | "This program requires at least 3MB of free virtual memory to run"
> | as soon as she tries to run the installation CD.
> |
> | She has been told that this is a known problem with XP home 
> | and FM6. Any ideas?
> |
> | Thanks,
> | Ragnar Hanas, MD
> | Uddevalla Hospital, Sweden
> - Lester 
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