Don't make yourself crazy over this - it's common, and is a online
viewing problem that's been present in Adobe's Distiller for years. I
thought it was the nature of PDFs for a long while until I noticed
that PDFs created with RenderX XEP (what some writers I work with are
using to press from DITA to PDF) didn't show these online flaws.

On Nov 30, 2007 2:52 PM, Chen, Loretta <lchen at> wrote:
> Thanks everyone for the information.
> I don't see why a "bad" machine would produce a bad on-screen line that
> is then visible on a good machine. But I'll make some final checks on
> the uniformity of our printer driver and call it a day.
> While frustrating, it does takes the heat off me for not being able to
> figure out what's going on.
> So thanks for the info!

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