What you are probably seeing is a result of the screen - sometimes the
line triggers one row of pixels and sometimes two, making it look thicker.
 When you increase the magnification all lines trigger two (or more rows)
and look the same.

If you move the image around on the screen do the line thicknesses change?
 If so, that confirms the diagnosis.




> Hi,
> We just changed our tables from just header rules to column and row
> ruling. And now we're making pdfs.
> Some people's pdfs have random heavy ruling in the table rules. They are
> absolutely fine in the frame file. And if you increase magnification to
> 200% the rules look like the same weight in the pdf, but up until then
> -- bad random dark ruling.
> We're on Frame 7.2, distiller 8, using our own joboptions. We can't
> figure out what's different from machine to machine.
> Bad ruling appears for both folks that are doing a Save as PDF and folks
> that print to postscript and using the distiller to make the pdfs.
> And it also works fine with people using both methods of creating pdfs.
> It also works & doesn't work on Windows XP and Windows 2000.
> (I had them try opening all book files when saving as pdf, and
> uninstalling any earlier versions of distiller -- no change in
> behavior.)
> Anyone have any ideas? Maybe it's the distiller, but I can't find any
> useful information?
> Thanks,
> L.
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