Doug wrote:
> In my experience the true test is whether the rules print
> normally...Acrobat has a reputation for not being able to draw lines
> well. If the hardcopy is fine, just ignore the inconsistent ruling.

Just to clarify: Acrobat's problems with line widths is on-screen 
only, and it all has to do with how Acrobat handles fractional 
pixel widths. If a line in a document happens to straddle the 
boundary between two pixels in the screen image, Acrobat may 
draw *both* pixels as black even though the proper line width
is 1 pixel or less. If you increase the zoom factor so that most 
lines are more than 1 or 2 screen pixels in width to begin with, 
the difference of an extra pixel on some lines becomes a lot less 

But regardless of the on-screen display anomaly, Acrobat always 
produces line widths in printed output that are accurate within
the printer resolution (e.g. 1/600 inch).  

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