On behalf of Adobe and without getting into details (sorry),
let me assure you that the next version of FrameMaker is 
under active development.

        - Dov

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> Subject: Replacing Framemaker
> Someone left on my desk (presumably to irritate the heck out 
> me), an article from the January STC Magazine Intercom called 
> "Old Software." They underlined a paragraph which says, "also 
> absent from this discussion is Adobe Framemaker, which is 
> starting to show its age and lack of recent development. Fans 
> may want to consider using OpenOffice.org Writer."
> Now that's not true, is it? I am always arguing with my 
> officemates that Framemaker is the best software for what we 
> do, which are 700+ page manuals, with multiple updates and 
> constant repagination. I know nothing about OpenOffice.org 
> Writer. Does anyone else? I have no desire to replace, I'm 
> getting ready to learn Structured, but I need some 
> knowlegable words from my fellow listmates.
> Thank very much in advance!
> Becky Frasure

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