At the risk of injecting more accurate facts into this thread and
disabusing Dan's low opinion of STC (why yes, I am a senior member)

 * Becky Frasure's original assertion that the article was published
in the January issue of STC Intercom is inaccurate. What was published
there was an article on "or Open-Source Tools for Technical
Communicators, Part II: Interoperability"
( that contains
a link to ...

*, the commercial TechWriter
mailing list site owned and operated by the same people that publish
this FM mailing list, which published an article in its online
magazine titled "Replacing FrameMaker with Writer"

 * The author of that article, Bruce Byfield, describes himself: "I am
a computer journalist, primarily for the Open Source Technology Group
(OSTG)" so we might assume at the outset that he may be a bit biased
in his reporting because he's comparing an "open" program with a
commercial competitor.... He concludes: "However, so long as they take
the time to learn Writer, they can be in little doubt that they are
using software that competes with FrameMaker on its own terms, and
wins as often it loses. Even ignoring the cost and philosophical
differences, is clearly an acceptable alternative to

He does, however, present some interesting conclusions. Some of which
I'd disagree with, but there ya go.

Byfield's own site is at


On 2/1/07, Daniel Emory <danemory7224 at> wrote:
> The publication by the STC of this article
> demonstrates the declining relevance of that
> organization.
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