At 15:34 -0600 5/2/07, Doug wrote:

>Yes, for some reason my Right master page lost it's A name/was renamed
>to HIDDEN.  And everytime I imported a new text inset it reapplied the
>HIDDEN text frame name of all instances of the Right body page.
>Bummer.  I fixed it by renaming the master page and then deleting the
>HIDDEN body text frames.  Pain.

For real pain, you should have seen a document I was handed once. 600+ pages 
laid out left/right in which no frames connected, so that each page was set and 
balanced by hand. And with a further set of empty disconnected frames overlaid 
on each right page, making its contents unselectable (like yours).

It's author has seriously not 'got' the idea behind master pages. It left me 
wondering how much of the 'FrameMaker is antiquated' arguments stem from this 
sort of level of misunderstanding about how an application works.


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