It might be humorous - and informative at the same time - if some  
Framer were to make a compilation of such horror stories. Being made  
aware of bad practices can be helpful - even to those of us who are  
(we hope) less incompetent.

My favorites were a pair of manuals I inherited from a colleague who  
complained incessantly about the "bugs" in FrameMaker. She was  
maintaining two completely separate 100-page manuals, identical in  
every respect except for the fact that the file paths in one  
contained backslashes for Windows users and the other contained  
forward slashes for Unix. And just to make the two manuals more  
laborious to maintain, EVERY index entry sported a pair of directly  
adjacent markers - one for <$startrange> and the other for < 
$endrange>.  When this particular writer left the company after a  
downsizing, I inherited the books in her office. Not surprisingly,  
her FrameMaker manual had never been opened.

I think it is very common for software users to rise just to the  
level of competence where they can do their tasks and never progress  
beyond that level.

Will White
One Lambda Inc

On Feb 6, 2007, at 1:24 AM, Steve Rickaby wrote:

> Its author has seriously not 'got' the idea behind master pages. It  
> left me wondering how much of the 'FrameMaker is antiquated'  
> arguments stem from this sort of level of misunderstanding about  
> how an application works.
> -- 
> Steve

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