Hi, Gordon:

It sounds as if you're not saving the files in the state you want them 
to open in. The display of element boundaries and tags, as well as text 
symbols, and borders, and zoom percentage, are all saved with files. A 
quick way to manipulate multiple files is to use Shift+File. When used 
from a book window, the Open All, Save All, Close All, actions only work 
on book files; when used from a non-book window, the Save All and Close 
all work on all open files, book members or free-standing.


Peter Gold
KnowHow ProServices

Gordon McLean wrote:
> Yes Peter, and if I keep the files open I can generate a PDF without the
> boundaries showing.
> But if I hide the boundaries, close the file, and re-open it, the boundaries
> re-appear after a brief (flicker) delay.
> Same goes if I hide boundaries at the book level. Opening the file itself
> causes the boundaries to re-appear.
> I have the workaround of leaving the files open but:
> A. This shouldn't be happening, should it?
> B. I don't recall changing anything so why is this happening now?
> C. This SHOULDN'T be happening!
> G
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> Hi, Gordon:
> Have you tried opening all the files in the book, then applying View > Hide
> Element Boundaries, before generating the PDF?
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> Peter Gold
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> Gordon McLean wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Still finding my feet with Structured Framemaker.. is there a way to 
>> turn off Element Boundaries when generating a PDF (save as PDF option)??
>> The boundaries are great to work with but my reviewers don't like 
>> them. How do I get rid of them across an entire book before PDFing?
>> I've tried selecting all the files in the book and selecting the 
>> relevant VIEW menu, but when I go back into the book and open a file, 
>> the boundaries re-appear!
>> Any suggestions?
>> Gordon

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