MATT TODD wrote: 

> One of the graphics in Chapter 2 resides in a table footnote. 
> FM does not recognize the numbering of this graphic. In the 
> chapter document, it numbers the graphics as if that 
> particular graphic did not exist.
> However, when I generate a List of Figures for the book, FM 
> places the graphic in its proper location, but without 
> numbering. It looks like
> this:
> Figure 2-8 Perfectly Fine Graphic             2-10
> Troublesome Graphic                           2-11
> Figure 2-10 Another Fine Graphic              2-15
> Any ideas how to cure this dyspepsia?

Yes. Don't put figures in footnotes! That's a simply terrible idea. Bad,
bad, bad, bad!

IMHO, of course. :-)


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