Ok, I'll hoof in line and sinker. I recently wrote a series of articles on 
structured FrameMaker, and here's what I put under 'Why should I use structured 
documents?'. The ordering is not significant, and some points have already been 
covered by others:

. A much greater level of automation becomes possible, such as the 
context-dependent application of formatting [mentioned above].

. A document's structure can be validated, that is, checked against the 
structure definition and any errors and omissions flagged.

. Structure allows design devices that would be tedious and error-prone to 
apply in unstructured FrameMaker to be wrapped in elements and used much more 

. The ability to interact with documents at a structural level makes edits to 
the structure easier and less error-prone, as well as making objects like 
markers much easier to select.

. Formatting rules within the structure definition allow document content to be 
reformatted in response to structural changes, for example changing one element 
into another with a single command and having all child elements reformat 

. Meaning can be introduced into document structures. For example, the 
documentation of a software programming interface might include name, interface 
definition, parameter definition list, usage and error messages for each 
procedure call. Such elements can be given descriptive names in the structure 
definition, and completeness can be checked and enforced.

. Locally-applied formatting can be removed by reapplying the structure 
definition to a document.

. Document contents can be repurposed much more easily.

. Extra information about parts of a document can be introduced through the use 
of attributes, data fields that 'belong' to elements but which do not appear in 
the document itself.

. Inter-working with document tagging formats such as SGML and XML becomes 

I see that I omitted to mention the obvious point that structure allows you to 
separate structure and presentation under two separate systems of control. 


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