The correct way to do it is to use the method you're reluctant to use:
"TableTitle with T:Table <n+>: format and use 'Continue from Previous
File in Book' for Paragraph Numbering"

So long as no other paragraphs use the T: numbering track and you
change the method in the book file to set the para numbering to
restart at 1 at the beginning each new guide, it should work fine.


On 2/15/07, Radha Padmanabhan <radha_padma at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Hello,
>   Am using FrameMaker 7.0 with Windows XP.
>   Coincidentally my question is also related to numbering and list as it is 
> with some others in the list now.
>   I have a big book with 5 Guides which in turn have some 10s of chapters as 
> .fm files. I have to build a List ot Tables for each guide. My problem is how 
> to serially number the tables across a specific set of chapters. That is, I 
> have to serially number the tables from 1 to n in Guide 1, and 1 to m in 
> Guide 2; and build List of Tables for each guide.
>   As it is now, the tables have 'No Title' for 'Title Position'. They have a 
> manually set paragraph tag with NO autonumbering :(. I need to number them 
> just as Table 1: <title>, Table 2: <title>, Table 3: <title>,....., no 
> section number or chapter number attached.
>   I am reluctant to use TableTitle with T:Table <n+>: format and use 
> 'Continue from Previous File in Book' for Paragraph Numbering because I am 
> not sure about the impact on other paragraphs and the book has more than 60 
> files. The number of paragraph tags used is also very large that I cannot 
> manually check for the nature of autonumbering in each.
>   I tried to figure out something from FM help but in vain. Please help.
>   Thanks
> Radha

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