Thanks for all your suggestions.

  I think I'll better get to analyse the paragraph formats and use the T:Table 
<n+> cum 'Continue Paragraph Numbering from Previous File' format. 

  In addition to the one big book, I do have separate books for each guide to 
generate lists. I'll handle the LOT too with this.

  As for MIFMuncher, I have downloaded it and shall give it a try shortly.

  Thanks again.

"Combs, Richard" <richard.combs at> wrote:

  It really shouldn't be all that difficult to determine if there are 
autonumbered pgfs that need to restart with each chapter. 

It occurs to me that you seem to be using one FM book file for all five
guides. That's fine -- it makes it easier to do global stuff, like
updating formats, variables, etc., or creating a single PDF. But you
might want to also create an FM book file for each individual guide,
containing only its chapters. Your chapters can live in multiple book
files, and a separate book file for each guide will simplify some
things, such as generating a LOF for each guide (it sounds like that's
what you plan to do). 


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