Note that ATM does not work under Vista. It is a 
discontinued product and you should not expect any
updates from either Adobe or Microsoft to change that.

On the other hand, there is no problem installing and
using Type 1 fonts under Vista. Simply load them by
using the Font Control Panel's Install Fonts function,
pointing to the directory with the .PFM and .PFB files
for the fonts you wish to install. This does work!

        - Dov

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> Guy K. Haas wrote:
> > The document was about Adobe products and whether they 
> "support Vista".
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> > I see nothing that spells out "FrameMaker does not work at all...". 
> > Has anyone TRIED it and reported this?
> Been running FM 7.2 on Vista for a few weeks now. None of my 
> Type 1 fonts work (which I expected - ATM Pro doesn't appear 
> to work). 
> Otherwise, no problems at all. Even generates PDFs nicely 
> (Acro pro 7).
> Other problems with Vista, though - device drivers, mainly, 
> and seriously-worse general performance. I have also had the 
> Blue Screen of Death once, which I haven't seen on a Windows 
> box since NT.
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