On 27 Feb 2007, at 22:55, Paul Pehrson wrote:

> Jumping in a bit late here,
> But why are Mac users jumping on the MadCap hope bandwagon? MadCap  
> products also only work on Windows. The problem will be the same  
> whether your tool of choice is Blaze or Frame.

It's quite simple really. One of our frustrations is that there is no  
FrameMaker alternative on the Mac. The general feeling is that if  
we're forced to use Windows, be it via virtualization, Boot Camp, or  
a real PC, since most of us have lost the appetite for Adobe  
software, we'd rather use something else, and MadCap's Blaze looks  

Don't worry. Hopefully, there will be an introductory cross-grade  
offer for Windows FrameMaker users, too.


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