The issue is that you are interpreting the statement that
"FrameMaker 7.2 and earlier do not support Windows Vista"
to mean "FrameMaker does not work at all". What you
stated was your interpretation, not a direct quote.

If a vendor *knows* that a software combination doesn't
work at all, they will generally make a clear statement of
that fact because they won't want their customers to risk
losing data or corrupting files. (How many people actually
follows the rule of only testing compatibility with backup
copies?) When a vendor says "does not support", it usually
reflects a business decision rather than an unequivocal
technical fact.

When a software vendor saus "does not support", it usually
means some or all of the following:
-we know (or believe) there are some issues with this combination
   so we're not going to tell you that everything is OK
-go ahead and try it if you really want to, but don't be surprised
   if you discover issues; and don't waste your time reporting
   them to us because we've already told you it's not supported
-we have no intention to invest [waste] any further resources
   testing and troubleshooting this software combination in all
   possible situations just to see if it does work, cataloging and
   characterizing the issues we find, and developing and testing
   workarounds fixes for the issues
-certifying old application versions for new OS versions doesn't
   produce any new revenue for us
-it's been long enough since our last product release that we
   don't thnk it's reasonable to expect us to support a new
   OS for free
-we've already got a new revenue-producing update in the
   works and support for the new OS is one of its selling points
   that we don't want to undercut

My opinions only; I don;t speak for Intel.
Fred Ridder
Parsippany, NJ

>From: Steve Rickaby <srickaby at>
>To: "Guy K. Haas" <guy at>
>CC: framers at
>Subject: Re: Frame's future
>Date: Sun, 25 Feb 2007 10:39:17 +0000
>At 10:54 -0800 24/2/07, Guy K. Haas wrote:
> >I see nothing that spells out "FrameMaker does not work at all...". Has 
>anyone TRIED it and reported this?
>I was quoting from page 5 of the document 'How Adobe Products Support 
>Windows Vista':
> >Q. Does Adobe FrameMaker 7.2 run on Windows Vista? Does Adobe plan to 
>update it for Windows Vista support?
> >
> >A. Adobe FrameMaker 7.2 and earlier do not support Windows Vista. 
>However, Adobe currently plans to release the next major version of 
>FrameMaker for Windows Vista.
>Also summarised in table on page 9.
>As it says 'Adobe' all over this document, I read this as a corporate 
>statement that Adobe do not think that FrameMaker works with Vista in any 
>current version, but FrameMaker 7.3/8/whatever will.
>The URL for this document is:

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