Hi Joe,

How much real RAM do you have on your computers?

Rick Quatro
Carmen Publishing

When I tried installing Frame 5.5 on my new pc, a message popped up
saying Director 5.5 needed 3MB of free virtual memory.

I kept trying to adjust my virtual memory in Control Panel, System,
Advanced, Performance, Advanced, Virtual memory, Change.

However, the Currently Allocated value continually shows the old value,
not the new size value I put under Custom Size.

Are there any secrets to setting the virtual memory size?

Frame is the only application I've ever installed that causes this
issue. Anyhow know why? 

I also got this same problem when installing 7.0 on my office pc. 

At home, I had to manually install via individual setups and of course,
the distiller didn't install properly so I can't save as pdf. So I
really need to solve this Virtual memory issue. 

I'd appreciate any advice/help. Thanks.

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