Joe Campo wrote:

> When I tried installing Frame 5.5 on my new pc, a message 
> popped up saying Director 5.5 needed 3MB of free virtual memory.

Frame 5.5?


> I kept trying to adjust my virtual memory in Control Panel, 
> System, Advanced, Performance, Advanced, Virtual memory, Change.
> However, the Currently Allocated value continually shows the 
> old value, not the new size value I put under Custom Size.

What OS? How much RAM? 

You're trying to set a custom size for the paging file? Do you have
administrator rights? How much free disk space is there on the drive on
which you're putting your custom paging file? What's the currently
allocated size? What's recommended? 

3 MB is an absurdly small number. Before you started messing with it,
was the paging file system-managed or custom? Something sounds screwed
up. Or you have virtually no free disk space.

> Are there any secrets to setting the virtual memory size?

Have enough disk space. Then set it to at least 1 GB or twice your
physical memory, or don't set it at all -- let Windows manage the paging

> Frame is the only application I've ever installed that causes 
> this issue. Anyhow know why? 
> I also got this same problem when installing 7.0 on my office pc. 
> At home, I had to manually install via individual setups and 
> of course, the distiller didn't install properly so I can't 
> save as pdf. So I really need to solve this Virtual memory issue. 

I don't know what "manually install via individual setups" means, but if
you're encountering this on multiple machines, I suspect you're screwing
things up somehow. ;-) Not sure what else to look for, besides disk
space and paging file size.

If this is FM 5.5.6, Save As PDF doesn't work. Also, if this is a _new_
PC (Vista), there could be issues with FM 5.5.6. I think when that came
out, Windows 3.1 was the cat's pajamas. :-)


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