Joe Campo wrote:
> When I tried installing Frame 5.5 on my new pc, a message popped up
> saying Director 5.5 needed 3MB of free virtual memory.
> I kept trying to adjust my virtual memory in Control Panel, System,
> Advanced, Performance, Advanced, Virtual memory, Change.
> However, the Currently Allocated value continually shows the old value,
> not the new size value I put under Custom Size.
> Are there any secrets to setting the virtual memory size?

The virtual memory is disk space that Windoze treats like RAM. The 
Currently Allocated value will always be something between the initial 
and maximum values you set, but changing the maximum won't automatically 
cause Windoze to allocate that much. It will allocate only as much as it 

Are you rebooting after changing the setting? Do you have lots of free 
disk space? Are you attempting the installation immediately after 
rebooting, before running any other apps?


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