On 28 Feb 2007, at 14:53, John Posada wrote:

>> a real PC, since most of us have lost the appetite for Adobe
>> software, we'd rather use something else, and MadCap's Blaze looks
>> promising.
> Let's see if I got this right.
> Adobe used to suppot MAC but does no longer, so we're pissed.
> Therefore, we'll go to a company who has never acknowledged us for an
> untested product "that looks promising", simply because we're pissed
> at the other guy.

Sorry for the misunderstanding, John. Perhaps I didn't make myself  

Yes, I would rather use another company's product. That's human  
nature. When someone stabs you in the back after you've been a very  
loyal customer for nearly 20 years, you don't normally go running  
back for more. If Blaze turns out not to be a viable alternative,  
like the many other possible alternatives I've looked at over the  
last 3 years, I'm fully prepared to continue with the devil I know.

> And this is the justification upon which you spend your company's
> money?


> Shame on you.

Thanks for the judgement, John - kinda thing my mother used to say.


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