Plugins like mif2go can export to RTF that your Word users could make use of. 
You can find more info on this from www.omsys.com.

You do not mention whether you will be using Structured FrameMaker ... I am 
presuming not. However, a solution for Word which would allow you to import 
structured content (XML) would be In.Vision Xpress Author 
(http://www.invisionresearch.com). This is a plugin for Word that provides very 
user friendly XML editing capabilities.

I would not personally go down the PDF route but there are tools that can do a 
good job of it.

If your intention is to re-import the Word content back into FrameMaker then 
the RTF import filter can get content back in for you. There is likely to be 
some cleanup required after import though.

You could use tools such as Mekon's FrameAC to write scripts to help with this.

Of course, XML would be the ideal route to take and is certainly worth 
considering as part of your migration to FrameMaker. With the ever growing use 
of DITA this is a much less painful experience than it might have been several 
years ago.

I hope this helps you a little.

Kind regards

Mark Poston
Senior Consultant
Mekon Ltd.
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We are migrating from MS Word to Framemaker. Many of our 22 translators will 
use FrameMaker or Trados S-tagger. Some, however, will only us MS Word as they 
cannot or will not learn a new tool.

How do we give them a Word file?

Should we convert from the English Framemaker master files to Word?

Should we buy Adobe Acrobat 8 and convert the pdf file generated from 
Framemaker to Word?

or do you have another solution.

Verner Andersen
Technical Writer

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