If I'm understanding you correctly, the limiting factor is what page
the level 2 heads are on.
IF they're on the same page as the header, you can specify the last
Head2 on the page instead of the first (what you're calling the
previous) Head2.

However, as far as I know, you can't make this work across multiple pages.

If all your heads are on the same page as the header, though, you can
tell it to pick up the last Head2 on the page by modifying the
variable string in the Master Page header to <$paratext[+,Head2]>
instead of <$paratext[Head2]>.


On 1/9/07, Gillian Flato <gflato at nanometrics.com> wrote:
> Does anyone know how to make the Running Header look for the next value
> if a Head appears on the page? Specifically, I've got Running Headers
> that print Head 1 and Head 2 in the margins. However, after a Head 1
> shows up, a Head 2 is no longer valid. The Running Header is printing
> the current Head 1 and the previous Head 2, instead of the next Head 2.
> Is that clear?
> Thank you,
> <mailto:gflato at nanometrics.com>
> Gillian Flato

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