At 15:06 -0500 11/1/07, Kenneth C. Benson wrote:

>PDF is mostly a one-way street. It's an end product. The text in a PDF is
>set line by line and page by page. Any method of converting PDF back to
>formatted text and graphics is going to involve a good deal of work and
>judgment. PDFs are complex enough and generated from enough different source
>applications that I can't imagine a tool that could do this for you with any
>degree of reliability.

True... although Recosoft has recently released a product to convert PDF into 
an editable *InDesign* document, so I guess they must have thought there was a 
commercial need.


Same company does lots of other PDF->somethingelse converters, but sadly not 
for FrameMaker... unsurprisingly. However, you might be able to use one of 
their converters as a stepping stone, but I don't know whether it would give 
any advantage over a save to RTF from Acrobat.


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