The issue is that embedded graphics in Frame is found by many people to not be 
a useful way of working.
If you have a large number of documents which are going to be updated, and 
their graphics will change, then using referenced files is much better (IMHO).  
There are actually a lot more advantages, but I have forgotten them.
Part of the move from Word to FrameMaker is changing from using embedded 
graphics to referenced graphics. As someone mentioned, if we did not have 
access to the original files, using "save as html" on the Word files got the 
graphics out (it took me about a week to fix the graphics in our set of books 
when we made the transfer).

Moving all of your documentation from Word to Frame is indeed a major project, 
on the other hand it is an excellent way to get to know Frame's capabilities 
and practice working on it.

There are a number of utilities out there to help in the transfer process, 
including Table cleaner, which we could not have managed without, and various 
tools for working with tags.

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Embedded graphics in Word do not come across with the text.  In fact, most
RTF files with graphics in them crash the filter.  It simily stops.  After a
few seconds, it displays an error message about not being able to continue.
This happens with anything except very small files (one or two pages).  Yes,
I realize that Word has many problems (ok, it's full of bugs) and that is
one of the reasons we are switching to FM.

Does Adobe have any recommendations for prepping the word file before trying
to import it?  When previoiusly trying to convert files, I've removed all
the graphics and that helped a lot.  But I assume we shouldn't have to do
that if the filter worked as it is supposed to.


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You could/should be a bit more specific about what you mean
by Adobe "fixing up the RTF to FM filter." If you are finding
bugs, by all means officially report them!

You should be aware that many of the "RTF to anything else"
conversion issues do relate to inconsistencies between how
Microsoft itself produces and/or interprets RTF in various
versions and releases of Word. Even within a particular version
of Word, you can see discrepancies. Many of these have to do
with character encodings, especially anything other than
base ASCII characters! This is especially true if you are
copying text from old Word documents from times prior to that
in which Unicode was supported.

        - Dov

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> Hi all,
> Speaking of converters, I was wondering if Adobe might ever
> consider fixing up the RTF to FM and FM to RTF filters that
> come with Frame.  Especially the RTF to FM filter.  It would
> be SO helpful to companies like mine who are about to convert
> their docsets, including many large manuals (up to 800 pages,
> believe it or not) from Word to FM.  It would have made the
> job of convincing management a lot easier to switch to Frame
> if we didn't have to pay an outside vendor to do this for us.
> Seems like it would be a profitable thing to do, considering
> that more companies would be likely to by Frame if they had
> an easy way to get there from Word.
> Diane


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