Rob Shell wrote:
> Dear Framies:
> Why I need to export via WordPerfect is that WordPerfect allows for a
> concordance file for indexing. Thus one can use a huge concordance (no word
> limit) carefully created per subject. This is a huge saving of time
> especially for long documents and manuals. I call it machine indexing as 
> the
> input in time is zero.
> WordPerfect then goes through the document and indexes the whole document
> according to the concordance, in addition to the "hard" index marks one
> might have made. The generated combination index is flawless and
> hyperlinked.
> RTF does not respect these "soft" concordances index marks so I am cutting
> WP and pasting into FM until someone tells me the Framemaker filters are
> working as advertised.
> Working around
> Newbie Shell

I won't address the whole issue of the concordance approach to indexing, 
except to say that consensus among writers seems to be that it is a 
highly effective and efficient method of producing frustrating, 
low-usability indexes. YMMV.

However, you should know that the reasonably-priced plug-in for Frame, 
IXGen ( ), will also allow you to create or 
augment an index based on a concordance (a "keyword list" in IXGen 
terms). That is a minor feature of the plug-in; its strengths lie in its 
many other index-building and editing capabilities, and the fact that it 
can handle any kind of FM marker, not just index markers. Investing in 
IXGen would allow you to eliminate the whole WordPerfect end of your 

(I have no commercial interest in the product, but am just a very 
satisfied user.)


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